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Board Memberships

Dr. Ruth Mourik has joined the Academic advisory Board of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen that started a brand new master programme ‘Energy for Society’ in 2018. The Academic Board set up the Master programme. Ruth furthermore joined the Professional Board for the Master programme.

The master programme will educate students to become Energy Transition Strategists. The curriculum  has a strong focus on the local and regional levels of energy transition. Students will acquire a broad range of competences, ranging from how to build (energy) communities, sustainable energy technologies, sustainable business models, governance, communication to spatial transformations. Skills needed to initiate and support local and regional energy transition projects entrepreneurially.

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Ruth Mourik has joined the Avisory Board of TrUST, Transdisciplinarity for Urban Sustainability Transition, a research project that aims at better understanding how to achieve more efficient and effective inter/trans-disciplinary research and education for urban sustainability transitions.

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