DuneWorks is a research and advice SME with a long-standing experience and expertise in sociotechnical energy transitions. We translate and target our findings to various target groups (e.g. using storytelling), we do (action)research, translate knowledge into strategies or strategic advice(e.g. on business modelling, transitions, or behavioural change), develop intervention approaches to improve user and citizen engagement and behavioural change processes, develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks to support efforts towards a more sustainable and just energy future and support participatory, dialogue and co-creation multi-stakeholder processes.


When we address the social, physical and political-institutional aspects of (energy) transition processes, we take the end-users (people in their daily life and work, entrepreneurs developing technologies or business models, but also authorities developing policy, or housing corporations renovating a neighbourhood, etc.) as a point of departure to see how they are involved in and/or affected.


We combine a diverse range of social-disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. innovation/transition studies; urban planning; geography; anthropology; policy studies), and often partner with other institutes to conduct social science research on an academic level, but also do practice-oriented research.