About us

Ruth Mourik, dr.
Ruth Mourik, dr. Partner and Researcher
“Research and real-world experience need each other...

Only by learning from one another can we accelerate transitions. The key for me is to work on the ground and be a doer.”

Sylvia Breukers, dr.
Sylvia Breukers, dr.Partner and Researcher
“How to make transitions inclusive and fair?

The most valuable answers are often found at the local level – in neighbourhoods, homes and round tables of local initiatives.”

Marten Boekelo
Marten BoekeloResearcher
“Working in the energy transition requires a deep understanding of the ‘social life of energy’.

Our social science approach brings that life to light.”

Jordan Young
Jordan YoungResearcher
„As a kid I asked myself where all the concrete in the streets comes from...

As a researcher, I still come across surprising answers to this question.”

Razia Jaggoe
Razia JaggoeResearcher
“I am eager to gather less heard perspectives...

…across a broad range of topics – community, energy, education, etcetera – and make them more heard.”

Maisam Haydary
Maisam HaydaryResearcher
“Large groups of people are not yet involved in the energy transition...

But for transitions to flourish, everyone needs to feel engaged to participate and contribute.”

Leonie Vaccaro
Leonie VaccaroJunior Designer and Researcher
“Many problems of our time are complex and wicked...

Design thinking can help navigate the complexity of the most pressing transition issues of our time.”

Ramya Krishnan
Ramya KrishnanJunior Designer and Researcher
"Access to energy, clean water, sanitation and nutrition...

…need to ensure dignity and the principles of justice.”