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Community-based Virtual Power Plants

What if neighbours started acting as prosumers (consumers and producers) and began to produce, store and share their own energy? How can we make that possible with a Virtual Power Plant? How can we make sure that such a project is beneficial to the local community? And how do we use the experience gained in different places and different countries to develop a model for upscaling and further expansion?

This is what we are investigating in the Interreg project cVPP (community-based Virtual Power Plant). Partners in Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands are working together in an iterative process with cVPP’s. Duneworks primarily considers issues involving participation, institutional conditions, value propositions and the development of a context-sensitive approach. The aim is to develop a model that can be implemented in different places in Europe.



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Sylvia Breukers


Website cVPP

Project duration: 2017-2020

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