dr. Ruth Mourik

dr. Ruth Mourik is the founder of DuneWorks. Ruth Mourik specializes in sustainability projects, with a focus on individual and collective behavior and behavioral change, sustainable system transitions, demand side management, stakeholder participation, innovation management, user practices, risk perception, societal acceptance of new technologies and future studies.


Ruth has a Masters Degree in Anthropology and Sociology, a Cum Laude Masters Degree in Society and Technology Studies (STS), and holds a PhD in systemic technological and social transitions and the role and impact of uncertainty and participatory processes in the division of risk, responsibility and accountability in such change processes. She was an Assistant Professor of “Strategic Niche Management” at Eindhoven University of Technology and a senior researcher and theme leader at the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). Previous work at the university and ECN includes research commissioned by the European Commission, the Dutch Ministries of Environment and Economic Affairs, local governments and companies.