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EnergyMEASURES: reducing energy poverty by improving practices and institutions

How can we tailor solutions to households with a small purse to ensure their participation in the energy transition and good living conditions? Household that can’t afford to invest in the sustainability of their home will have to pay the bill of rising gas and electricity prices in due time. In order to prevent this double exclusion, this project proposes to support households through energy coaches who will be informed by research into the characteristics specific to energy poverty, as well as measures that will improve the financial feasibility of retrofits.

DuneWorks will collaborate with Het PON and the city of Eindhoven for this project. We aim to increase access to opportunities in the energy transition, strengthen policy-making with regard to energy poverty and thus contribute to the realization of the national climate targets.

EnergyMEASURES is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Union and launches in September 2020. Partners from six countries (Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and the United Kingdom) cooperate with each other, with local government, public bodies as well as household to build, exchange and apply new insights.

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