Sylvia Breukers, dr.

Dr. Sylvia Breukers works on projects that address political-institutional contexts of energy innovation, social acceptance of new and renewable energy technologies, stakeholder participation, end-user behavior, sustainable lifestyles and practices, and methodologies that improve our understanding of these issues (e.g. dialogue methods, action research).

She has a Master’s Degree in Political Science, International Relations (politics of developmental issues in relation to environmental disputes in Southeast Asia). Her PhD research (2001-2006) addressed the social, political and institutional conditions for onshore wind power deployment – comparing the Netherlands, North-Rhine Westphalia and England (University of Amsterdam, 2007). As a post-doc at Utrecht University (2006-2008), she conducted research on the use of stakeholder dialogue methodology in highly controversial debates. The actual dialogue was about sustainability of biomass for energy generation. The Rathenau Institute recently published an edited volume on the current and future dilemmas for the Dutch energy system, for which Sylvia wrote three essays focusing on onshore and offshore wind and biomass. Sylvia is co-owner of DuneWorks since 2013.