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October, 2017
Research, advice and interventions which put the end-user center stage
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  • 1. Shape Energy
  • 2. !mpuls
  • 3. Platform Participation
  • 4. FlevoTop
  • 5. Open innovation in the composite sector
  • 6. DR-BoB demonstration
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  • 8. Ongoing projects
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1. Shape Energy
'In the SHAPE energy project, partners from various EU countries work together to ensure that valuable social scientific knowledge finds it way to European policy makers. For this Shape Energy organizes workshops in which relevant energy-related topics will be identified for 18 European cities. Story-telling will be used to trigger the imagination of the participants. Train-the-trainer workshops have been held with the facilitators of those workshops to provide them with the necessary tools to do these workshops and tailor them to the local circumstances. Next to this, Shape Energy invites European Social Scientists to take part in the research design challenge in which they have to solve problems related to the topics: control, change and capacity-building in energy systems. Shape Energy also offers early-stage social scientists the chance to work as a PhD intern in an European energy project. During this internship they will integrate social sciences in existing energy initiatives to maximise their impact.
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2. !mpuls
Office buildings are not built to be energy efficient, they are built because people have to work productively and comfortably. The municipality of Eindhoven is aware of this and decided that the renovation of the office buildings should go beyond the physical structeres and installations by also considering the people who use the buildings. This is why they made Consortium !mpuls responsible for deep retrofitting their buildings. Over the last months we talked with employees, made observations and contributed to a workplace analysis which will inform the renovation plans. In the coming months we will train employees to become local energy ambassadors. These ambassadors will focus on topics like recycling, mobility, waterconsumption and the way installations and appliances are used in the buildings.
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3. Platform Participation
The municipality of Amsterdam is looking for ideas on how they can strengthen the local democracy. People who live and work in Amsterdam experience best what works and what does not. Therefore they may come up with valuable new ideas on how the local democracy could be improved. With the support of DuneWorks three round table events are organized in which local residents are invited to discuss and propose their ideas.
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4. FlevoTop
On the 7th of October residents of the province of Flevoland will discuss how their province can be improved. A citizens summit is organized to learn more about what local residents, employees and (social) entrepreneurs think is important and the ways in which they want to be involved in solving future challenges. DuneWorks supports the organization of this so called FlevoTop in which topics like future energy supply, accessibility, mobility, liveability, employment opportunities and recreation will be discussed.
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5. Open innovation in the composite sector
Working together pays off, also in the composites sector. This is the starting point for the Open Innovation trajectory in which cooperation between potential competitors should strengthen the composites cluster as a whole. DuneWorks performs the role of facilitator. A well-visited meeting for the public in December 2016 was followed by the start of working groups on the themes: hybrid connections, exothermic processes and robotization.
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6. DR-BoB demonstration
The demonstration of the DR-BoB solution is starting! This year the DR-BoB solution will provide real-time optimisation of energy demand, storage and supply in blocks of buildings at four different locations. DuneWorks will guide the qualitative evaluation of end-user issues related to the ways energy demand is shifted or lowered. The aim is to learn more about the conditions uncer which different interventions are acceptable and effective. Do you want to stay informed about the DR-BOB project? Join the DR-BOB dissemination network!
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7. Column
Last week rain was pouring down from the sky in the Netherlands, a pretty typical September day in our wet country. Despite the fact that it was raining cats and dogs my nine-year-old daughter said: “We should do the environmental right thing and ride the bike to school”. Just before arriving, my daughter observed that we were one of the few people riding the bike to school, and out of the blue said: “Mom, I am proud you work for a cleaning company”... Read more!
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8. Ongoing projects
Platform Participation: Organizing a platform to strengthen the participatory democracy
FlevoTop: Supporting the province of Flevoland with organizing the citizens summit
Entrance: Support the development of the minor Transition Professional in Action
Shedding new light on the Aireys!: Making the Airey neighbourhood more sustainable together with local residents and other stakeholders
SHAPE-ENERGY: Improve integration of social sciences and humanities in EU energy policy
!mpuls: Deep retrofitting municipality buildings in Eindhoven
Nature4Cities: Nature Based Solutions for urban challenges
Open Innovation in the Composites sector: strengthen the composites sector as a whole
Save@Work: Energy saving competition in office buildings accross Europe
DR-BOB: Demonstrating Demand Response systems in Blocks of Buildings
CIMULACT: Establishing a dialogue between various European stakeholders
IEA DSM Task 25: Effective businessmodels for energy services
IEA DSM Task 24: Behavioural change and energy efficiency
9. Publications
Storytelling guidelines for interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder processes
Conference paper DR-BoB: Mind the gap when implementing technologies intended to reduce or shift energy consumption
NL case study for Task 24: higher education and ICT
Energy Efficiency and Using Less - A social sciences and humanities annotated bibliography
Mind your business: entrepreneurs, their dynamic capabilities, context and new business models for energy efficiency services
Dutch, Swedish and Swiss Context analyses and Business Models case studies for a more effective uptake of DSM energy services for SMEs and communities
DR-BOB publications
10. Agenda
October 7: FlevoTop: a citizens summit to co-design an implementation strategy for regional (urban) planning in Flevoland.
October 16: Second Platform Participation meeting to strengthen the participative democracy in Amsterdam
October 21-29: Exhibition about the Neighbourhood Transformer Approach at the Dutch Design Week
October 25: Presentation about Task 25 at the Drive Festival during the Dutch Design Week
November 13: Third Platform Participation meeting to strengthen the participative democracy in Amsterdam
11. About us
We focus on social issues concerning sustainability and sustainable innovations, in which we put the end-user center stage. Read more
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