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July, 2017
Research, advice and interventions which put the end-user center stage
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  • 1. Shedding new light on the Aireys
  • 2. Nature4Cities
  • 3. DR-BoB
  • 4. Introducing Mariska
  • 5. Column: Free Our Minds
  • 6. Task 24
  • 7. Save@Work
  • 8. Ongoing projects
  • 9. Publications
  • 10. Agenda & recent activities
1. Shedding new light on the Aireys!
In this project commissioned by housing corporation Woonbedrijf, we will develop a sustainability programme together with residents, organizations and existing initiatives that will be locally embedded, realistic and shared by all parties. The focus will not only be on energy related sustainability issues, but also on social, social-economic and ecological improvements. Thus, we started with a broad definition of sustainability, which we are currently tailoring to the goals and needs of residents, organizations and initiatives that are active in the Airey neighbourhood.
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2. Nature 4 Cities
Nature4Cities is a Horizon 2020 project, aimed at forming a platform for Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that should support European cities in dealing with social, economic and climate challenges. This demands, amongst other things, new collaborative models that involve citizens. DuneWorks has been in different European countries to ask citizens what their requirements and needs are regarding NBS. Besides that, she has made an inventory of NBS projects in the Netherlands and she conducted a case study in collaboration with ICIS, based in Maastricht.
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3. Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings
DR-BoB started in March 2016. Starting this summer we will demonstrate systems that will provide real-time optimisation of energy demand, storage and supply in blocks of buildings at four different locations. During the past months we conducted interviews to investigate expectations and needs of various stakeholders. We use new insights to help with the development and implementation of the systems, communication strategies and business models.
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4. Introducing Mariska
Mariska de Zeeuw started working at DuneWorks on Januari 1st as a junior researcher. She has a background in Public Administration and Political Science. She has an interest for the participation of different groups in society and inclusiveness. Currently, she works on the projects Nature4Cities, Shape Energy and Task 24.
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5. Column: Free Our Minds
Researchers need space to play and contribute to evidence based work on the ground and in policymaking, instead of scientifically based evidence making.
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6. Task 24
Task 24 is part of the Demand Side Management Programme of the International Energy Agency. The purpose of the Task is to advice governments in designing policies focused on making consumer behavior more energy efficient. DuneWorks has designed a decision-making tree based on completed case studies. Besides that, DuneWorks has participated in workshops for Green Offices in the Netherlands to stimulate sustainable ICT use on universities.
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7. Save@Work
Save@Work is a contest with the goal of saving as much as possible energy between 180 government buildings from 10 European regions. Over the past months, Duneworks has supported the internal learning process by conducting interviews with project leaders in the countries and by discussing the most important lessons learned during a workshop. Reports will be disseminated by Save@Work later this year. This project runs until the end of the year.
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8. Ongoing projects
Entrance: Support the development of the minor Transition Professional in Action
Shedding new light on the Aireys!: Development of a sustainability programme together with, for and by the Airey neighbourhood
SHAPE-ENERGY: Improve integration of social sciences and humanities in EU energy policy
!mpuls: Deep retrofitting municipality buildings in Eindhoven
Nature4Cities: Nature Based Solutions for urban challenges
Open Innovation in the Composites sector: Cooperation to strengthen the composites sector as a whole
Build Upon: Helping European countries to make their existing buildings more sustainable
Save@Work: Energy saving competition in office buildings
DR-BOB: Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings
CIMULACT: Establishing a dialogue between various European stakeholders
IEA DSM Task 25: Effective businessmodels for energy services
IEA DSM Task 24: Behavioural change and energy efficiency
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9. Publications
NL case study for Task 24: higher education and ICT
Energy Efficiency and Using Less - A social sciences and humanities annotated bibliography
Mind your business: entrepreneurs, their dynamic capabilities, context and new business models for energy efficiency services
Dutch, Swedish and Swiss Context analyses and Business Models case studies for a more effective uptake of DSM energy services for SMEs and communities
DR-BOB publications
10. Agenda & recent activities
October 25: Presentation about Task 25 on the Drive Festival during the Dutch Design Week
June 29: presentation 'Mind the Gap' about DR-BoB during the Sustainable Places conference.
June 28 & 29: IEA Ministerial Meeting.
June 14: Guest lecture on the Summa College about energy, buildings and facility management.
June 7: Session about 'the sustainable neighbourhood' as part of the training Neighbourhood and Area Manager - New Style.
June 6: Presentation about the Neighbourhood Transformer at the MVI-Energy conference.
June 1-6: Presentation on Task 25 at the ECEEE Summer School 2017.
11. About us
We focus on social issues concerning sustainability and sustainable innovations, in which we put the end-user center stage. Read more.
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