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November, 2016
Research, advice and interventions which put the end-user center stage
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  • 1. Expansion of the Team
  • 2. Open Innovation Cluster
  • 3. Nature4Cities
  • 4. DR-BOB
  • 5. !mpuls
  • 6. Energy Innovation Talks
  • 7. Introducing: Yvette and Diana
  • 9. Ongoing projects
  • 10. Publications
  • 11. Agenda
  • 12. About us
1.Expansion of the Team
During the last couple of months we successfully started several new projects which made it possible to expand our team. In respectively May and June we welcomed Yvette and Diana to our team, they will further introduce themselves below. But even now there is room for a new junior/medior team member. If you are interested, please click on ‘Read more’ to get more details (in Dutch).
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2. Open Innovation Cluster
September 2016 the project "Valorisatie High Tech Sector Composieten NH" was launched. Duneworks will be involved as facilitator responsible for developing a cooperation strategy to create sustainable relationships between companies in the composite sector.
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3. Nature 4 Cities
The H2020 project Nature4Cities has been accepted. Nature4Cities aims to develop interactive implementation models for Nature Based Solutions. Renaturing cities is necessary to deal with urban challenges caused by climate change (such as heat stress, flooding and storms).
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4. Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings
March 2016 the DR-BOB project started. In this project we test the economic and environmental benefits of Demand Response systems for blocks of buildings at four different locations. Recently a stakeholder- and market analysis were completed. Subsequently demonstration scenarios were developed which describe how energy consumption can be decreased, increased or shifted as a reaction to economic incentives. Next we will focus on the implementation of the systems and the development of associated business models.
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5. !mpuls
In the coming years the consortium named !mpuls will be responsible for the sustainable renovation of the buildings of the Municipality of Eindhoven. DuneWorks will train ambassadors who will set up interventions and activities aimed at behaviour change and at increasing the engagement and satisfaction of employees in relation with the sustainable improvements.
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6. Energy Innovation Talks
On September 29, trainee Dieudonnee won, together with her team ‘the Collectives’, the Energy Innovation Talks! They presented the winning idea to design an energy subscription that would make better integration of renewable energy sources in the current energy network possible.
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7. Introducing: Yvette and Diana
Yvette Jeuken started working at DuneWorks in May. She has a background in Political Science and at DuneWorks she aims at facilitating cooperation, participation and decision making processes regarding sustainability and innovations. Yvette will be working on projects like Nature4Cities, Open innovation in the composites sector and Smart Cities.

Diana Uitdenbogerd started working at DuneWorks in June. She will facilitate and support end-users in changing their behaviour. Diana combines a practice oriented approach with an expertise in the evaluation of intervention and policy programs aiming at energy saving and behavioural change. Diana will be working on projects like Save@Work.
Duneworks is part of this EU Horizon 2020 project which will run from 1 February 2017. The project represents a new platform for energy‐related social sciences and humanities (SSH) that aims to better integrate energy‐SSH into the policy process shaping (European) energy policy. Storytelling methodologies will be at the core of this project.
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8. Ongoing projects
SHAPE-ENERGY: Improve integration of social sciences and humanities in EU energy policy
!mpuls: Deep retrofitting municipality buildings in Eindhoven
Nature4Cities: Nature Based Solutions for urban challenges
Open Innovation in the Composites sector: Cooperation to strengthen the composites sector as a whole
Build Upon: Helping European countries to make their existing buildings more sustainable
Save@Work: Energy saving competition in office buildings
DR-BOB: Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings
CIMULACT: Establishing a dialogue between various European stakeholders
IEA DSM Task 25: Effective businessmodels for energy services
IEA DSM Task 24: Behavioural change and energy efficiency
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9. Publications
Institutional ‘lock-out’ towards local self-governance? Environmental justice and sustainable transformations in Dutch social housing neighbourhoods
Giving Voice to Residents. Environmental justice and sustainable transformations of Dutch social housing neighbourhoods
Effective business model design and entrepreneurial skills for energy efficiency services
DR-BOB publications
IEA Task 25 publications
10. Agenda
November 17: Session 'Sustainable Neighbourhoods' as part of the education programme Housing Policy Officer.
December 14: Kick-off meeting: Open Innovation in the composites sector.
January 19: Lecture as part of the Post Graduate course on Energy Efficiency Services.
2017: Meeting Green Offices: sharing experiences and lessons regarding saving energy and efficiency improvements with Dutch higher education institutions.
11. About us
We focus on social issues concerning sustainability and sustainable innovations, in which we put the end-user center stage. Read more.
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