Open Innovation in the Composites Sector

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September 2016 the project  “Valorisatie High Tech Sector Composieten NH” was launched. This project is a follow-up of Great Composite. In this first project cooperation between various companies, research and knowledge institutes regarding composite materials was established through an Open Innovation process facilitated by Duneworks. Cooperation between companies operating in the same market is not very easy, but sharing knowledge can be profitable when a win-win situation is created for all parties. This kind of cooperation is possible on the condition that competing companies recognize their shared interest and build trust in their relationship. Groot Composiet proved to be very successful. Most of the partners from the previous project are involved in the follow-up project, and also some new partners have joined in. In this follow-up project DuneWorks is again responsible for facilitating the Open Innovation process, developing a cooperation strategy between the partners involved. Aiming to establish sustainable relationships based on trust and willingness to share information. The overall ambition of the project is to establish sustainable cooperation necessary to strengthen the composites cluster as a whole.

Public kick-off EFRO project ‘Valorisatie Hightech Sector Composieten Noord-Holland’, Wednesday December 14  2016

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