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Energy Poverty

Together with Susanne Agterbosch from PON we have written an essay that addresses the theme of energy vulnerability in the Netherlands.

What is the role and position of different types of low income households in Dutch renewable energy transition processes? We explore the benefits and/or (dis)advantages that (unintentionally) result from energy policies and regulations, and how the distribution of these (dis)advantages benefit the position of different types of households. To this end we present an analytical perspective that enables us to evaluate renewable energy transition policies and governance on procedural and distributional aspects: paying attention to issues of recognition, equity and justice. The perspective draws on ideas in environmental justice literature and on ideas in social resilience literature. Combining these ideas in a new analytical framework proved to be useful in articulating some major policy challenges in relation to energy poverty in the Netherlands today.

The full essay is in Dutch

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Sylvia Breukers


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