DuneWorks studies the societal and behavioural aspects of sustainable innovations. We pay attention to the social, institutional, physical and political context in which these innovations take shape and the role that citizens, end-users and consumers (can) play therein. A part of our research results in scientific reports. In some cases we translate and interpret existing findings in the light of a specific question. A lot of social scientific research contains jargon, hampering the application of results. A part of our work focuses on finding the translation of our work and that of others so that relevant knowledge and insights can actually be used in practice.

Study conducted to answer specific issues: Study about end users and dynamic pricing, commissioned by Netbeheer Nederland, 2013.

Translation research: The Moster Storybook: translation of insight regarding energy behaviour change for the International Energy Agency, 2013.

Scientific report: Peer reviewed article about the way CCS project managers deal with participation issues (on request).