Advice and interventions

In our advice and process activities we combine literature studies, intervention and evaluation, often in an interactive process. The result is a better understanding of e.g. the conditions that enhance transition and sustainability processes. Based on our findings we formulate recommendations.


Open innovation – Great Composite: an open innovation alliance between entrepreneurs in the field of composite materials. Research on open innovation processes and dialogue between the entrepreneurs lead to an Open Innovation Handbook.


We contributed to the development and testing of a tool to design, implement and evaluate projects that focus on energy saving through behaviour change: MECHanisms.


Engaging local stakeholders in the design, execution and evaluation of sustainable energy projects is supported by a participation tool we co-designed: ESTEEM.


Storytelling builds bridges between research and application by clarifying the sometimes technical/theoretical recommendations using stories. A better understanding will stimulate executing parties (policy makers, entrepreneurs) to actually implement research recommendations. An example:

IEA introduction movie 18032014 2 from Ideate on Vimeo.