dr. Ruth Mourik

dr. Ruth Mourik is the founder of DuneWorks. Ruth Mourik specializes in sustainability projects, with a focus on individual and collective behavior and behavioral change, sustainable system transitions, demand side management, stakeholder participation, innovation management, user practices, risk perception, societal acceptance of new technologies and future studies. Read more

dr. Sylvia Breukers

dr. Sylvia Breukers works on projects that address political-institutional contexts of energy innovation, social acceptance of new and renewable energy technologies, stakeholder participation, end-user behavior, sustainable lifestyles and practices, and methodologies that improve our understanding of these issues (e.g. dialogue methods, action research).   Read more

MSc. Yvette Jeuken

Yvette Jeuken is senior researcher and advisor at Duneworks. Yvette specializes in innovative forms of participation, negotiation, and consultation, especially in the context of democracy and impacts of new technologies. She works on projects that address environmental justice, climate adaptation, new models of governance, and the position of end-users in the context of Smart Cities. Read more

BSc Veerle Heijnen

Veerle Heijnen is junior researcher at DuneWorks. She has a bachelor in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven where she has mainly been focussing on social design and sustainable design.  Within these two fields she has often made use of Design Thinking and User-Centered Design, which she will also use in her work at DuneWorks.

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